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February 17, 2011


Brad Fallon

With our technology today, face to face might be very uncommon as it was before. The way to deal with clients is to make a constant communication, catering with their needs and complaints, if there is any. Relationship with clients need not stop from giving him what he needs but assuring him that you can be there when he needs you.

Bruce Bennett

LinkedIn is a great networking and informational tool. Marc Brownstein provides a great example for why you need to utilize this resource at the start of the Advertising Age article that Brittany referenced. It is an important part of today's business world.

Brittany Agro

Both excellent points! Thanks for sharing.

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LinkedIn is a great network and information tool. Mark steyn provides a good example to explain why you need to use the resources in the beginning of the age of advertising articles, Brittany reference. It is a important is today's business world.

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If using networking tools is not your style, then make yourself visible. There are so many industry opportunities to connect with prospective clients or, who knows, perhaps even a future boss. Making a face-to-face connection is always a great way to continue a conversation down the road, especially if it relates to business matters.

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