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May 19, 2005


Paul Conley

I just finished reading this post
only to find it's no longer on the site.
That's the post where you published the nasty letter that Steve Ennen sent to Folio.
Did ABM ask you to pull that post?

Rex Hammock

I decided that my personal blog would be a better place to do that kind of post. This blog should stay more focused on the topic we're here to discuss, not on the who shot john stuff. That said, I'm happy to discuss the who shot john stuff elsewhere.

Paul Conley

Thanks for the explanation, Rex!

Prescott Shibles


Thanks for focusing on items of interest rather than posts about "mission" and the kind of comments that are valued. I'm looking forward to seeing ABM expand the coverage of the industry.

Credit should be given to all those who had a role in this endeavor, but it's clear that the early posts were written about the message that ABM wanted to get our rather than focusing on what readers wanted to learn about.

Much criticism has been made about these efforts, and that's a good thing. That means folks want to see this succeed. It's important to take any and all criticism and analyze it rather than being defensive.

Finally, cudos to ABM for bringing you on board this project, Rex. I look forward to seeing what direction you take this in.

Keep blogging!


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