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May 14, 2005


paul conley

I'm thrilled to see the first external links on your blog.
And I'm very happy to see that David Shaw is among the first to attract your attention.

David Shaw

Thanks for the link. I'll continue to refer to your blog where appropriate.

I would like to note that comments from other bloggers on matters of writing and style aren't about "calling a puppy ugly." Those of us out there blogging b2b media (and there really aren't that many) care pretty deeply about how b2b media is represented. It's truly important to get the style and clarity thing down, especially since you're blogging b2b media in an official capacity.

Of all the b2b media blogs, yours will be looked to by advertisers and agencies (and publishers) as an example of how well b2b media 'gets it' and how well we execute in the blogosphere.

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